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"sazlı sözlü sergi"
[17.01.2015 - 21.02.2015]

“Songs and Lyrics”

Can Göknil is celebrating her 49th year as an artist, with a solo exhibition at Gallery Apel in Galatasaray: 17 January - 21 February, 2015. The title of the show is “Songs and Lyrics”
Over the years Göknil had developed a passion for the unity of word and image in her art. She loves them both. Once she decides on her exhibition theme and her sources, she spends quite some time with books. During this exploration stage, words begin to transform into images and sometimes images evoke new words leading to short stories or limerics. A poet, Güven Turan described one of her exhibitions as “the brotherhood of word and sight”. That was in 2002, during her book art show at Yapı Kredi, Kazım Taşkent Gallery.