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"bu iş yerinde bayram var"
[13.12.2014 - 10.01.2015]


Two years ago, when Bayram visited Istanbul, we agreed on holding a new solo exhibition. He proposed to do an exhibition that would mostly feature drawings. This exhibition would not take place while he was alive.

This year, with his dear family and beloved friends, we came together to share our desires and longings and decided to hold the present exhibition. We have specifically chosen the month of December for this 'memory' exhibition, which will feature the paintings Bayram did in his last years as well as some memorable works from his previous exhibitions.
Bayram heads the list of artists who make up the history of Gallery Apel. Many times did he add life with his contributions to the themed exhibitions we realized inside and outside the gallery. His solo exhibitions, or rather his entire oeuvre,have made invaluable impressions on our memories. Our exhibition “Reading Corner” was invited to the 2008 Frankfurt Book Fair where Turkey was the guest country; a work Bayram produced for this exhibition was used in Turkey’s poster for the fair. The title of his first solo exhibition at Gallery Apel, "BU İŞYERİNDE GREV VAR" (this place is on strike), which led to many misunderstandings at the time, was the inspiration for the Turkish title of the present exhibition: "BU İŞYERİNDE BAYRAM VAR" (this place is celebrating Bayram).