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[06.05.2017 - 10.06.2017]



“Cup" happens to be the 50th of all the thematic shows with many artists, organized by Gallery Apel in Turkey and in abroad since 1998. As a part of the conversation about a broken pot in the gallery, the artist Yıldız Şermet explained how she fixed her cup with wires, and this became our inspiration for the subject. The word cup is used in similar senses in many ancient languages from Latin to Sanskrit, and it has a long history in artisanship. It is also thought to be related to the "head". The word "cup" (kupa) is used for describing different objects in Turkish, such as the one with two handles given to the champion teams, the one used for drinking tea or coffee that we hold in one hand, the one as the unit of measure in recipes and many times, and the one as a carriage in fairy tales, all of them sharing a common point of having volume.


Komşu III
[09.09.2017 - 14.10.2017]


In 2005, Gallery Apel organized an exhibition titled "Neighbour", as a parallel activity to the 9th International Istanbul Biennial. Same year in November, Anadolu Kültür offered the Diyarbakır Arts Center (DSM) for hosting the exhibition for the second time. "Neighbour" had to be adapted to the new environment with a few changes. For example, in the first show, in the project called "The Rice Road", performance artist Engin Akın used Cezayir Restaurant as well as the gallery and the street where the gallery is situated, in order to realize an interactive project: From Tokyo to Havana, 27 regional rice dishes were offered to all the neighbours and guests of Apel. In the Diyarbakır version, the guests helped themselves to various rice dishes from the neighbouring cities.


[07.11.2017 - 07.04.2018]


Gallery Apel’s Twentieth Year

Gallery Apel opened in November 1998 in Beyoğlu and has been operating in the same place without interruption ever since. Although Beyoğlu is constantly undergoing major architectural and social transformations, it always maintains its status as cultural center of Istanbul. Gallery Apel was designed in 1994 with this awareness, and since then, has witnessed all the interesting times full of contradictions that this neighborhood has experienced.

As the veteran gallery enters its twentieth year, it decided to have a different exhibition layout that would bring together its own past with its present. It dreamed of re-exhibiting some of the works that had previously been featured in solo or themed exhibitions at Apel, and at the same time have the same artists present new works. Spanning the entire season, this exhibition will have a dynamism similar to that of the act of remembering. During this process, works will be replaced by others and parts of the exhibition will change as it goes along. Believing that rather than a chronological approach, the course we follow will inevitably lead to a nostalgic surge, we named the event “Nostospective”.